When you're good...you're good. Being that good can allow you to commit to things early, like one Fort Collins high school freshman has done.

Congratulations go out to Fossil Creek high school freshman Riley Zuhn as she announced this week that she has already committed to play for the University of Nebraska starting in 2019.

According to the Lincoln, NE Journal Star, Zuhn is considered one of the top players in the nation and is the first player to commit to the Huskers incoming 2019 class.

She was also the conference player of the year this past season and has been featured on Prepvolleyball.com.

Zuhn told the Journal Star newspaper that, "When I was on campus in October I knew that it felt right and that I was going to end up going to go to Nebraska. I spent a couple of months waiting because my parents wanted me to wait. They didn’t want me to accept the offer when I was on campus. I’ve just been waiting, and the recruiting process was kind of overwhelming at times. It was kind of becoming a chore to call the other coaches when I knew I wanted to go to Nebraska 100 percent. So I committed, and it’s been really exciting and relieving to be done with the process."

Congratulations to Riley Zuhn of Fort Collins for the honor, and being able to commit this early!


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