While we have heard of universities even some here in Colorado that are requiring students to show proof of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine before returning to the classroom, Colorado Mesa University here in Grand Junction will not have that same requirement. The details were shared by KKCO, with CMU President Tim Foster believing that students should be free to make that decision for themselves.

I'm not a student of CMU but that kind of leadership should be applauded, giving the power back to each individual person is absolutely the correct decision. The President at CMU did go on to explain that the staff, students, and facility are encouraged to get vaccinated but ultimately it is a personal decision.

What is the Plan for Colorado Mesa University for the Upcoming Summer Semester?

Because of the low case numbers for COVID-19 on campus and throughout their staff the plan is to be back in person for all summer classes that need to be taught in person.

How About the More Popular Fall Semester at Colorado Mesa University?

The plan right now is to return in full just like normal for the upcoming Fall semester at Colorado Mesa University. Obviously, things could change and plans might have to be adjusted, but as of now, things look good to return to normal.

This pandemic has been extremely difficult for staff and students of all grade levels. Both should be applauded for navigating the tough circumstances the best they possibly could. Fingers crossed all of this will be behind us as we have another school year that kicks off in a matter of months.

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