The City of Fort Collins is reminding residents to "Be Snake Awake!" after an incident with a rattlesnake and a dog named Harvey.

Harvey was bit by a rattlesnake while "protecting his owner" Kayla, according to the city's Facebook post.

The incident caused the pup to lose his eye, but he is recovering well.

Fort Collins officials remind residents to "take care when hiking with your dog this time of year in the foothills properties" and "always wear a leash and stay vigilant."

It is important to note that snakes prefer to avoid humans. The City of Fort Collins says "If a rattlesnake is rattling its tail, it wants to scare you away, not bite you."

Slowly moving away is the best way to move away from a rattler. You can find out more about rattlesnakes in Fort Collins here.

Source: The City of Fort Collins

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