It is no secret that Colorado can be expensive. From housing to the cost of food, nearly everyone is feeling some sort of financial burden in their wallet. Some people may even be considering moving to a different state to relieve some of that financial stress.


While some may be considering a move out of Colorado to another state, some may be looking at a whole new country altogether. Fort Collins is the fourth-largest city and one of the most expensive places to live in the state of Colorado.

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Paris, France is considered one of the four fashion capitals in the world. With its notoriety as one of the fashion capitals of the world, nearly a dozen UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and world-class cuisine, surely Paris, France is going to be more expensive than Fort Collins, Colorado, right?


Maybe. But then again maybe not. There is a fine balance in the cost of living between the Choice City of Fort Collins, Colorado, and the City of Love, Paris, France. According to Numbeo, living in the city of Fort Collins, Colorado is more expensive than living in Paris, France.

Numbeo states that the cost of living in Fort Collins is 10.7 percent higher than in Paris when it comes to renting prices, 6.7 percent higher when it comes to restaurant prices, and 4 percent higher when shopping for groceries.

Take a look at the numbers to see for yourself:

Fort Collins, Colorado or Paris, France: Which One is Cheaper?

When it comes to living in Fort Collins, Colorado versus Paris, France, which city is cheaper to live lin?

There are also a few other key factors when it comes to the cost of living in Fort Collins, Colorado versus Paris, France. Want to see the full spectrum of comparisons? See them on Numbeo.

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