You inhale deeply through your nose the very first time you sit in your newly purchased car. That new car smell doesn't last forever, but you cherish it as long as it is around. It is one of those things that I love about getting a newer car. Ford Motor Company doesn't want your nostrils to be happy when you buy a new car going forward it seems.

Strong Pickup Truck Sales Power Ford To 63 Percent Rise In Q3 Net Income
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According to the Denver Channel, Ford Motor Company has filed for a patent to remove that new car smell that we all love. Part of removing the new car smell calls for the vehicle to be "baked" in the sun with the windows down. This move to remove the particular smell has to do with China, the largest automobile market in the world. Apparently, Chinese drivers are not too fond of the smell.

What do you think? Do you like the smell of a new car or would you rather have your own personal touch of scent in your ride? Let us know! Personally, I would be bummed if my new car didn't have that new car smell.


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