We've had record high temps (and a lot of smoke) this week in Northern Colorado, but there could be a very snowy winter ahead of us, so try to enjoy it.

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While we hope the triple-digit days are behind us for this year, according to 9NEWS, the Front Range of Colorado and the Denver Metro area have reached record highs, tying last year's record of 98 degrees on Monday. So if you're like me, you're thinking of one thing: those crisp fall mornings and changing leaves. But what's on the other side of it could be a lot of snow shoveling, at least that's what the Farmers' Almanac thinks.

Patch reported the long-range forecast for winter 2021 -2022, and in Colorado, 'the Farmers' Almanac winter forecast calls for frigid temperatures and snow storms.' To put it in the almanac's words, Colorado is in the 'Numb's the word, just shovelin' along' region. In January, the almanac predicts blizzards for the Rockies and Northern Plains, and our spring is expected to be more winterlike, which is how it is... every year?

As an apartment dweller, I never think much about snow removal. That meant my neighbors and I were all sharing one shovel as we dug out our cars last March, when Xylia dumped two feet of snow on Fort Collins. So, while we know better than to think we can actually predict Colorado's winter weather, it may not hurt to start doing some training to get your shoveling arms in shape.

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