There is a lot to consider when you are trying to find the right city or town for your family. When you do not have kids it makes it easy to pack up your home and move to a new town. When you do have kids there is a lot to consider. Parents think about safety, schools, activities, and other key factors to ensure their children thrive.

If you are a parent moving to a new city, it is not an easy task.

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Thankfully, there are many phenomenal places in Colorado to call home. Here are the three best options according to a new ranking by Stacker.

3 - Fort Collins, Colorado


Stacker believes that Fort Collins is the third-best in Colorado and 68th-best across the entire nation. Stacker believes The Choice City is a great choice for parents due to the quality of education and the diversity of activities.

2 - Centennial, Colorado


Centennial made the list due to being near Denver. Parents can choose between the vibrant energy of city events and the peacefulness of suburban life with stunning views.

1 - Highlands Ranch, Colorado


Highlands Ranch is the best city in Colorado to raise a family. Despite the high cost of living, Highlands Ranch has great public schools and a ton of outdoor activities. Highlands Ranch is the 11th-best city.

Stacker unveiled the top 100 best places to live if you are raising a family. Here is the full list.

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Stacker collected 2023 data from Niche to compile a list of the top 100 cities to raise a family, based on school systems, crime rates, and more.  

Gallery Credit: Emily Sherman

Another Colorado City Mentioned

Out of all the cities and towns in Colorado, only four made the list. I find that extremely surprising. Arvada was the fourth city ranked in the top 100.

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