Elon Musk is making headlines again this week; some agree with the Tesla mogul, while some are angry. Almost as angry as they were when he named his baby X Æ A-12. Here's the whole saga in a series of tweets

After Alameda County halted Tesla's production (despite the state's orders, which allowed some Californians to start returning to work on May 4), Musk came under fire for letting employees resume operations at an electric car plant.

According to Musk, the State of California reportedly had approved, but Alameda County did not.

He also had plans to sue the county in the days leading up to the reopening.

The billionaire threatened the idea of moving his company's manufacturing elsewhere.

As The Hill reported, he was welcomed by Governor Polis, and it seemed to be a well-received invite. (Musk's brother lives in Colorado, and owns a restaurant in Old Town Fort Collins).

But, according to CNN, the 'standoff' has ended, and Musk was permitted to resume with 'minimum operations' and additional safety protocols in place.

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