Meet Ellie and Loki, a Colorado woman and dog who have summited every 14er in Colorado together. Here's how Loki went from being on Craigslist to the top of 14ers.

Ellie Briggs had just ended an abusive relationship when she decided to adopt Loki after her therapist suggested that she get a dog. Ellie found Loki the 40 pound husky on Craiglist, who was rescued from a puppy mill, according to Out There Colorado.

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She knew she made the right decision because according to Out There Colorado, it was love at first sight for both of them, and then they fell in love with 14ers. After she hiked her first 14er Ellie says that's all she wanted to do and with Loki, of course.

Ellie says that adopting Loki and hiking 14ers together is the best thing she's ever done and that her dog and hiking have changed her life. Loki is only the third dog to ever have summited every 14er in Colorado, according to Out There Colorado.

Ellie and Loki sometimes get negative reactions from people, stating that it's not safe to bring a dog along while hiking 14ers, while others are stoked to see Loki. They've trained together and worked on techniques and commands for years to hike 14ers together.

As you can see in the pictures above and below from Ellie and Loki's Instagram, it looks like both of them are thoroughly enjoying themselves while summiting 14ers together. Ellie is forever thankful that Loki the dog, and 14ers, came into her life

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