When it comes to a dog versus a moose, the moose will win every time.

More times than not, that match-up is going to end up badly for the dog. But in this particular case, in this showdown near Crested Butte,  while scary and providing some anxious moments, the dog was fine thanks to the moose being pretty "chill" about the whole situation.

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The dog, a husky, was just a few feet from the moose when video was captured of the face off where the moose never really showed any aggressive behavior. It gave warnings but didn't fully charge.

That isn't always the case when it comes to other people and animals crossing its path.


Thankfully, the moose wasn't aggressive because this could've ended horribly for the dog. The woman who captured the video was on a trail where others stated that the dog had been messing with the moose for about two hours.

The moose did charge briefly and quickly but didn't go any further, kind of like warning the dog. The dog didn't really take the warning as it kept coming back for more pestering.

Luckily, the moose wasn't cranky or agitated too much because that would have been bad news for everyone.

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