When I moved into a home from an apartment earlier this year in Fort Collins, I was incredibly excited to have a garage.

I was excited because I could finally tackle all of the projects that I have wanted to pursue for the past decade. I wanted a place for woodworking, renovating furniture, and a sanctuary where I could store junk that I don’t use.

What I didn’t realize when I was starting these ambitious projects is how many tools I needed.

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Yes, go ahead and roll your eyes. I’m a bit oblivious to that world.

A Common Problem For Many Coloradans


Not only were these tools essential, but these tools were costly.

That was until I came across Eco-Thrift in Fort Collins. It is great to save money, but they offer a great service to people who do not have a ton of tools lying around.

Eco-Thrift's Tool Library in Fort Collins: A Great Resource

Google Maps
Google Maps

Eco-Thrift is on N. Howes Street in Fort Collins.

You can buy nearly everything you may need there, but I recently learned that they have an expansive tool library that many Fort Collins residents are utilizing.

Eco-Thrift has a tool lending library. The library has over 500 tools to use. This is great if you need a quick tool that you’ll only use once or twice.

I have so many pointless tools at my house because I needed it for one project.

Common Question: Does It Cost Money?

The tool library at Eco-Thrift does cost money. When I spoke to an employee recently, they let me know that to have access to the tool library your household must pay $100 annually.

This means your entire household will have access to the tool library.

I am planning on signing up soon. This is a great resource for Fort Collins and Northern Colorado residents.

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