When you've decided to get pregnant, most will likely just dive in. It seems like a fairly easy equation, you get together, you make a baby. But weeks or months go by and you still aren't pregnant. Here you'll find some fairly easy tricks to getting pregnant.

Easy Tricks to Getting Pregnant pojoslaw
Easy Tricks to Getting Pregnant pojoslaw

If you've been trying and haven't had much success, but not quite at the worry stage, just at the frustrated stage, these tips may help. Also, it's good to know that some of the myths you've heard of throughout your trials and life may only be myths. The first real thing to come to terms with when you've made the decision would be that this isn't like needing a gallon of milk, going to the store and getting it all within the same day or hour. Making a baby on average takes 4-5 months, but can take much longer, nine months to a year is not unheard of in this process. Don't lose it in frustrations and depression, this will only hinder your chances.


  • Sex Ed 101: get to know your cycle. Being aware of the changes in your body is definitely the first step to a success baby making journey. (a woman usually ovulates about two weeks into her cycle, meaning, approximately two weeks after the first day of your last period you are fertile, statistically speaking on average this is the case, there is always a stray duck in the pack, I was at 16 days into my cycle when I conceived Colton)
  • Positions, Myth or Truth: Myth and Truth... standing on your head, missionary verses other sexual positions, etc... are essentially myth. The truth is that you should stay put, lie down afterwards for up to thirty minutes, if you don't have the time 15 minutes will usually do the trick, but don't get up to use the restroom until at least 15 minutes has passed. This will give those little guys a fighting chance before you throw gravity into the mix and dump them out when you stand up.
  • Doing it like bunnies while ovulating is presumed to be the best way to assure success, that's a myth... yes, you want to stay on top of your mission while ovulating, but remember two things, his little guys need time to replenish and they stick around in you, for up to 72 hours. It's best to keep up with an every other day routine.
  • I bet you already know that heat kills sperm that's why you're always told to stay out of hot tubs, but did you know that his cell phone habits can have negative effects on your mission? In a recent study it was found that if a man used a hands free device for his cell phone and kept his phone in his front pocket he had poorer quality sperm.
  • When we're talking about the potency of his sperm it's also been noted that men should stay away from soy products while actively trying to reproduce. In a study of 99 men, those who ingested soy products had significantly fewer sperm count than those who did not consume soy products. 
  • Stress can be a huge sperm blocker, the more you worry about not getting pregnant the more likely you won't. You should relax and know that it is not uncommon to take up to a year and in some cases longer to get pregnant. Of course, if it does take 8 months or more, it isn't a bad idea to contact your doctor, in fact you should be in contact with your doctor from the beginning to assure that you are at your optimum health for you and your impending pregnancy.
  • 60% higher risk of having a child with autism exists when the mother is within 1 mile of pesticide use!

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