I recently heard a request that that left me puzzled and proud at the same time.

Halloween is a fun time of year! It's the perfect excuse to be someone else for a night. You can dress up as your favorite super hero, princess, celebrity, or pop culture phenomenon. And while some of us like a straight forward costume that sparks little questions, there are others who like to get a little creative.

Like my cousin's kid.

Recently I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween this year. With a straight face and laser-like focus she told me she wants to be "Spiderman Elsa." By the way, she's three years old.

I honestly felt proud of her for getting creative with her choice and trying to incorporate both of her loves. I was that girl growing up. I wanted to be a perfect, pretty Barbie doll when I grew up, but I also loved playing in the dirt, shooting guns and Troy Aikman. There just isn't a section dedicated to that at Spirit Halloween.

Also, I'm curious to see how her mom pulls off that kind of costume.

Don't you just love the way kids think? I'm sure you've head some weird, outlandish requests for kids' costumes. Feel free to share with us on social media or in the comments below.

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