Can we put a number on this or does it vary from child to child?

Let me preface this by saying I don't have kids of my own. However, I do have plenty of cousins around me who do have kids and I've been watching these little nuggets become so independent. Personally, I would ever leave them home alone since they are all under the age of 10, but it got me thinking about what age I would feel comfortable knowing they're on their own.

Growing up I was never left alone, even in those early high school years. I don't think it was until I was about 16 that I remember being home by myself while my parents went out, but even then it was a rare occurrence. On the other hand, I had friends who were trusted to fend for themselves as early as 12 or 13, some may have been doing it at a younger age. I think about my parents and how independent they were at such a young age because both of their parents worked and wouldn't come home until after dinner.

They grew up as latchkey kids.

Now maybe it's a safety thing. Perhaps it's a trust thing. It might even depend on how responsible the kid is, but I'd love to know your opinion. At what age are you or will you be comfortable with your child home alone? Tell us below or share this on social media with your response.

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