Many Coloradans are horse owners. There are roughly 256,000 horses owned in Colorado. If you have met a horse owner, you know that owners of horses are passionate about their horses' well-being and happiness.

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Some people enjoy having a beer or a drink after a long day. Should you saddle up on a horse after drinking? Here is what Colorado law says.

Drinking and Riding in Colorado


Thomas and Ahnell Law Firm defined a DUI by saying that to get a DUI you would have to be using a device that is capable of moving itself.

We know what you are thinking, a horse is more than capable of moving itself. Thomas and Ahnell Law Firm says that horses do not meet the definition that Colorado seeks regarding a DUI.

There’s just not enough horsepower.

You can still face criminal charges for drunken horseback riding, however, the charge is minor (animal rider on highway under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance) and is only a class B traffic infraction.

This is pretty bizarre considering some of the "vehicles" that you can get a DUI. For example, you can get a DUI for riding a bicycle, a tractor, and an e-scooter. It seems strange that you can't get a DUI for riding a horse purely because it is mechanical.

You can even get a DUI for riding a skateboard under the influence.

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