Duck Dynasty boss, Willie Robertson, seems to be in some hot water. What many are curious about is why he officiated the marriage of Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr.

Jason Aldean and Willie Robertson actually go back a long ways. In fact, Aldean is a part of the 'Buck Commander" series so it was no surprise that when Aldean got married to Brittany Kerry last month in Mexico, he asked the Duck Dynasty CEO to officiate the wedding.

The problem at hand though is the fact that Jason Aldean cheated on his former spouse with Kerr before getting a divorce and we all agree that cheating on a spouse is not the best thing to do. Actually, we all probably agree that we despise it. Then we add Willie Robertson into the picture. Robertson is a very religious person who is very outspoken on marriage, being faithful, his thoughts on homosexuality etc.

So why would he look the other way and officiate the wedding of an admitted adulterer? Only he can answer that I guess. Robertson though is catching some major grief over it being called a "light switch christian" and a "religious hypocrite."

To be honest, it really doesn't make Willie Robertson look all that great when it comes to the power of his faith. I would think that he probably should have respectfully declined to officiate the wedding, good friend or not.

What are your thoughts? Right or wrong?

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