You will see more law enforcement on the roads in Colorado this month. The extra patrol cars will be looking for typical road violations, but they will be watching closely for a violation that is incredibly easy to avoid.

You only need to take three seconds to avoid the violation that Colorado law enforcement agencies will be looking for.

Make Sure to Buckle Up in Colorado


36 law enforcement agencies in Colorado, including the Colorado State Patrol, have begun their Click It Or Ticket campaign.

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Law enforcement agencies in Colorado will be looking closely to ensure that the driver, and all passengers, are properly using their seatbelts.

Here is what the Colorado Department of Transportation said.

Click It or Ticket is a national high-visibility enforcement campaign centered on the consequences of not wearing a seat belt. During the two-week period, law enforcement will be increasing patrols and focusing on issuing citations to drivers not wearing a seat belt.

Are You Surprised?


It can be a little surprising to hear that buckling up is still an issue here in Colorado. In the 2000's it felt like the reminder to wear a seatbelt was everywhere.

Road signs, commercials, radio PSAs, and print advertisements changed the tone of the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Most of us now instinctively buckle up without thinking about it.

Thankfully, most of us buckle up with no issues. Over 91% of Americans always buckle up, according to the United States Department of Transportation.

Many of us still have issues remembering or our vehicle's seat belts do not work properly. About 15,000 lives could be saved a year just by remembering to wear a seat belt.

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