Have you seen a self-driving vehicle in Colorado? Autonomous vehicles have mostly been seen on the West Coast, but you may have seen them right here in our backyard.

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For example, the Mines Rover shuttles began operating on the campus of the Colorado School of Mines in 2021. The electric shuttles are extremely low-speed, and the likelihood of someone getting injured on them is next to zero.

Since then, cities like Golden have embraced autonomous transportation with self-driving shuttles. This is just the beginning of a major change within our society.

Embracing the Future: Self-Driving Already Massively Available


Self-driving and autonomous vehicles are currently being researched and utilized nationwide. Emerging technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, will be introduced gradually.

This is primarily because the shift in the automotive industry poses a significant risk to our safety, and we would imagine they want to take their time.

You might have the auto-pilot in your vehicle. Auto-pilot is becoming extremely common in newer vehicles and Tesla is leading the way. Remember how we brought up safety?

Nearly every Tesla was recalled because drivers were relying too heavily on the auto-pilot feature. A software update had to be given to hold drivers more accountable.

Majority of States Approve of Self-Driving Vehicles


The process of introducing the world to driverless vehicles started in 2012. Since then, 29 states have given the thumbs up for autonomous vehicles, including Colorado.

There are various levels to introducing driverless vehicles. Right now in Colorado, autonomous vehicles can be on the road, but they do require a human being to be in the vehicle.

When It Will Be Common in Colorado

Experts predict that by 2030 40% of all vehicles will be autonomous. Think about how soon that will be and how quickly Colorado is going to change.

In 2050, it is predicted that all new vehicles sold will be driverless and entirely self-driving.

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