There are few things more pathetic than looking at a table of friends having lunch and not one of them is looking up. You will see the tops of everyone's head as they are looking down at their phones and checking messages, sports scores or some other information that could certainly wait. We are so busy being connected that we forget how to connect with real live people. I have an idea on how to take a break from this madness.

This weekend my wife got a new iPhone 7s and spent the weekend trying to figure out all it's new features and nuances. She had it in her hand for a couple of days when I asked her if she had even used it to make or receive a call yet. She said she had not. I thought that was what a phone used to be for. I then called her so we could see if the phone part of the phone really worked. It did but I am not sure it really mattered. A phone is not a phone anymore. It is our everything. I think we could all use a day or two a year when we go back to the time when a phone was a phone and nothing more. I propose that two days a year, maybe around when we move the clocks, to be 'National Use Your Phone as a Phone Day'. I love this idea.

For just two days a year you only pick up your phone if it rings or if you are making a call. If you need to send someone a them instead. If you need to look something up..go to your home computer or look it up in a book. If you want to show someone a picture of something...pull out your wallet or purse and show a photo. We survived for hundreds of years without them, I think we can do it again for just a couple days a year and feel how much closer you become with those around you. We can be more connected and actually talk to people if we unplug our damn phones. I know it sounds crazy but I think the harder it is to be in touch, the more meaningful our exchanges with each other will be and we will actually feel more in touch. Let's make 'National Use Your Phone as a Phone Day' happen. Are you with me or am I nuts?

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