Technology is constantly changing and evolving. Do you use a digital wallet? You most likely do it for concert tickets or special events in Colorado.

As an iPhone user, I use my digital wallet more than my actual wallet. I started using my digital wallet more because I got sick and tired of my cards being skimmed. It happened to me three times in three months and I got sick and tired of it.

I learned that using services like Apple Pay is safer than using a debit card.

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I am also a big of a tech nerd and I find it more convenient.

Digital Licences and Colorado


Back in 2019, Digital licenses and IDs started being available in Colorado. That means that you can add your license to your Apple Wallet and your Apple Watch. Whenever I have used my Apple Watch to pay for something, I feel like James Bond.

Additionally, you can use your digital license and ID for TSA checkpoints at Denver International Airport.

Colorado is one of four states that allow digital IDs. Arizona, Maryland, and Georgia are the other states. I assumed that more tech-forward states would adopt digital IDs, but I was wrong.

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Coloradans Experiences Using Digital IDs


Personally, I do not have a digital ID, but I am curious about it and I am considering it. Here is one person's experience.

My state released a digital ID app in 2018. One time I went into a convenience store to buy a lottery ticket. They surprised me by asking for ID. My wallet was in the car but my phone was in my pocket. That was in 2023. It is the single instance in 5 years that I have used the ID app. It’s probably the only time in the past 5 years I have ever needed to show an ID for anything. - 0000GKP (Reddit)

Here is another story from a Coloradan.

In Colorado, digital IDs (though not necessarily Apple Wallet ones for some reason) are to be accepted anywhere you’re asked. Whether it’s a bar, restaurant, liquor store, whatever, they have to accept it.

I think the main hiccup with the Apple ID one is that it has to be NFC scannable, whereas the digital ID app is basically just a picture of your ID on your phone. - triplec787 (Reddit).

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