I'm an avid hiker, and I have to admit I did not know there is a stairway to heaven in Colorado.

But there is. And it has nothing to do with the old Led Zeppelin song.

It does, however, have everything to do with the United States Air Force because you need to go to its grounds to access this short hike that's only about 1/4 mile in length and features more than 300 stairs to the top.

This, however, is not just a hike you can roll up to and do anytime. It is used for cadets in training and open to the public as long as you are with someone with a military ID.


Pretty cool, right? Not something that you're going to just drive down to Colorado Springs for and just do because it's so short. But the fact that there is a "stairway to heaven" in Colorado, I think this would be a pretty neat thing to get to and accomplish.

Although not nearly as crazy and impressive as the Manitou Incline, this hike features a short but fairly steep set of well-maintained wooden stairs that are perfect for getting a quick workout in while getting some fresh air and views.

From the dirt parking lot, there is only a very short dirt path to hike through before reaching the start. From there, the steps come in relatively short stretches with platforms in between each stretch for breaks.

If you're feeling really ambitious, and want to get the best workout, some people do this trail multiple times in a row.

So now that I told you about this cool little spot in Colorado, I feel like I almost have to play the old song so, I will. Enjoy and happy hiking.


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