Oh to see the world as a child now that we've grown up (most of us anyway), remember when dandelions were bouquet worthy for mom? Now just a nuisance and healthy lawn invader.

Garden Club Dandelions iStock
Garden Club Dandelions iStock

These little pests will overcrowd your lawn, driveway and every other crevice they can find. A dandelion is fierce and strong, they can 'simmer' as a flat green unsuspecting patch for weeks before beginning to grow upward, only of course after burrowing deep and securing their roots firmly in the ground below. This simple perennial is guaranteed to come back year after year. It's time to befriend the dandelion.


  • Great liver supporter eating these 'fruits' of spring will help your overall system like a deep detoxification
  • The Greeks believed they cured many ailments such as constipation, eczema and gallstones
  • Native Americans used the dandelions to help ease menstrual cramps, calm upset stomachs and relieve bloating
  • The leaves contain omega-3's, vitamins A, B,  and D, potassium, iron, calcium and phosphorus

There really isn't too much you can do to completely eliminate the dandelion, so embrace its powers... have you eaten your daily dandelion requirement today?

BONUS: one cup of chopped dandelions equals 25 calories

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