Living in Colorado, this has been a topic of discussion among friends and family everywhere in the state.

Blah blah blah has the best breakfast burritos in Colorado.

Typically followed by opposition:

Yeah right. My favorite restaurant has the best breakfast burritos. Hands down

At some point, we all agree to disagree. Some like their breakfast burritos without green chile, which is sheer blasphemy by the way. Others like no meat in theirs. So, who can we trust? You could try every option in the state of Colorado for the search for the best breakfast burrito, or you can let someone on TikTok at the very least narrow down the search for you.

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Enter @MileHighFoodDude. A TikToker who is on the search for the best breakfast burrito in the state of Colorado. This food dude has more than 15,000 followers on TikTok and he has tried hundreds of places to eat in the state of Colorado.

Obviously, we cannot highlight each and every single breakfast burrito that @MileHighFoodDude rates, but we can show you a few gems that are certainly going onto our list of places to try.

Rico's Burritos - 7794 Washington Street Denver, CO.

Bonfire Burritos - 2221 Ford Street Golden, CO.

Onefold - 1420 East 18th Avenue Denver, CO.

Jabanero's Mexican Grill - 5584 South Parker Road Aurora, CO.


This a disappointing mention of one of my go-to places for a breakfast burrito.

Tamale Kitchen - 5260 West Mississippi Avenue Lakewood, CO.

@MileHighFoodDude does not rate one of my favorites all that well. To be fair, however, he went to the location in Lakewood and not our typical location in Northglenn. It's still kind of disappointing to see how low Tamale Kitchen ranked.


@MileHighFoodDude has a bunch of videos of places to check out. Honestly, you could probably eat at every single place for a year and not eat at the same place twice. See more of his videos on TikTok.

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