Being a young driver can be a scary experience. Being a parent of a young driver can be an even more frightening experience.

I do not have children myself, but I distinctly remember how worried my mom was when I started driving.

She had every right to be concerned. I got into a car accident the second day I got my driver's license. I'm not even remotely kidding.

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I wasn't ready. I grew up in a safe area, so I do not have much of an excuse. There is one city in Colorado where it is incredibly unsafe for young drivers. This Colorado city is the most dangerous for inexperienced drivers.

Nation's Ranking For Unsafe Driving: Colorado Tops All


A group of injury lawyers analyzed data from the National Traffic Safety Administration and they identified the rate of fatal crashes and categorized them into age groups.

This is shocking.

56.32% of fatal crashes in Denver are drivers that are between the ages of 15 to 20 years old.

Out of 277 drivers involved in deadly crashes in Colorado's capital, 156 were younger drivers. - Bader Scott Injury Lawyers

You might want to have a talk with the young driver in your life about this. We know they will roll their eyes, but it is essential to practice safe driving habits.

It is also essential to instill safe driving practices and rules early so they stick for the rest of their lives.

Colorado State Patrol's Tips


The Colorado State Patrol says the top three things you should discuss to your teenage driver are distracted driving, following the speed limit, and lane violations.

You can check out their full list here.

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