Crazy to think we're two years into this COVID stuff and here we are. Now it looks like Denver Public School students have had enough and are demanding action and answers.

According to Denver Public School officials, this was the letter students sent in regards to their safety concerns at school:

“No student should feel scared and have to sacrifice their health or their family’s health to get an education. We are speaking up and taking action so that we can be comfortable going to school,” the letter reads.

Some students started a petition which has received over 500 signatures in just two days. In this petition, they stated what they wanted.

Here are the demands they sent to the district's office:

  • KN95/N95 masks provided to all students
  • HEPA filtration and airflow in all classrooms
  • Twice weekly COVID tests for in-person students
  • “Integrated learning” for students with COVID or those choosing to stay home
  • More weather-protected outdoor spaces for safe lunches

Today (Jan. 20) is the deadline for these demands to be met or they will walk out until their demands are met.

Yesterday, Denver Public Schools released this statement on the matter:

We certainly understand our students’ frustrations. This is a very difficult time for schools right now, here in Denver and across the state and country. But our scholars and families rely on our schools, and we need to do everything we can to keep them open for in-person learning and support. Too much time has already been lost to the pandemic. We need to accelerate learning and strengthen support in our schools. Our health experts and partners are constantly and closely monitoring COVID rates and conditions in the community, and we have their full support in keeping schools open. We have strong safeguards in place, high vaccination rates across our schools, and we’re increasing the availability of N95 masks to staff and scholars. Given these safeguards and the needs of our scholars and families, we remain committed to keeping our doors open to serve our community.

Will more students in other districts follow suit if this works? We'll find out soon enough.

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