It's great to be a sports fan in Colorado, but supporting your favorite team isn't cheap.

Let's take a look at the Denver Broncos. The team's performance last season did knock ticket prices down to a startling $25; however, Betway Insider predicts it will cost nearly $400 to attend a game by 2025.

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The company feels similarly about the Denver Nuggets. In a new report, Betway Insider revealed that going to a game in the Mile High City might cost $236.41 by 2025 — a $21.23 increase from last season.

However, SeatGeek estimates that the average cost of a Denver Nuggets ticket is $57. So, where is this number coming from?

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Betway Insider isn't just looking at Denver Nuggets ticket prices. The website also accounted for the cost of parking, soft drinks, hot dogs, and beer — the latter two being particularly expensive at Ball Arena.

Assuming a fan is enjoying all these game-day experiences, the Denver Nuggets are the 17th most expensive team in the NBA — just above the Utah Jazz and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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On the bright side, the cost of a game day is much worse for fans of teams like the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, and Los Angeles Lakers. You could also save money by forgoing your hotdog at the next Nuggets game.

Prepare yourself for your upcoming Denver Nuggets endeavors with the gallery below.

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