Even in the face of a devastating loss, diehard fans know there's nothing better than attending a Denver Broncos game.

It's not just the football, either. The beer, the food, and the fanfare make for a great experience at Empower Field at Mile High. Still, these things aren't cheap.

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Transportation, tickets, parking, and purchases are all hefty expenses that come with going to a game, and unfortunately, the cost is only going up.

According to new research from Betway, it will cost you $398.33 to attend a Denver Broncos game by 2025 — a 24% increase from the current price, which is $321.95.

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It's important to keep in mind that the company factored the purchase of a ticket, a parking spot, a jersey, beer, a soft drink, and a hot dog into this cost. So, you could make it more affordable by taking the Light Rail, eating before the game, and sacrificing the jersey and drinks.

You may not be able to help the ticket price, though — a separate report from Bookies.com estimates that a Denver Broncos ticket will cost nearly $600 by 2030.

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On the bright side, you might be able to keep the beer. Betway found that booze at a Broncos game is less expensive than the NFL average.

Plus, other fans have it worse than supporters of the orange and blue. In 2025, Kansas City Chiefs fans will have to pay around $430 to attend a game, while Las Vegas Raiders fans will have to pay a whoppin' $771.

You could also settle for watching the games on TV. Check out the full Broncos 2022 schedule in the gallery below.

Broncos Release Full 2022 Schedule Featuring Five Primetime Games

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