Denver International Airport handles millions of passengers throughout each calendar year. However it looks like they could've been setup better to handle this.

According to the website Thrillist, the transportation hub for the state of Colorado ranks as the seventh worst designed airport in the country. Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans and McCarran International in Las Vegas are listed as better designs than DIA.

The airport, which opened to the public in 1995, has close to 54 million passengers each year. The reasons that Thrillist lists Denver International at this spot on the list?

  • They state that the size of the airport (which they list as being bigger than the island of Manhattan) actually emphasize their negatives even more.
  • The automated baggage system, which was supposed to be one of its kind, never worked and has never been in use.
  • 18% of their arrivals are delayed on an annual basis, as well as 20% of their departures are delayed.

What is a positive? Well if you like to stay connected while you're at the airport, Denver International is the place to fly out of. Thrillist says that the Wi-Fi is the fastest out of any US airport, and it is also FREE.

I call that a major plus.

LaGuardia Airport is listed as the worst designed airport in the country, followed by Newark Liberty and Chicago Midway.

Ever seen the conspiracy theories that surround the airport? Check out this video which will give you some things you may not realize!

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