Colorado loves "the brew". Not just the barley and hops version, but also the coffee bean version. According to, around 64% of Americans drink at least a cup of coffee a day, while the diehards, about 11% of us, drink four cups or more. Yes, a cup in the morning helps us get going, but it really is one of the better social drinks to help you relax and converse with friends and family without developing slurred speech and an over inflated self-esteem, like the other brew can do. How many of us get really excited when they build or open a new coffee shop not far from your house or job? That would be pretty much all of us.

Thankfully, our good friends at - I say "good friends" because they have again put together research to find the best places in America for coffee and for us coffee fanatics. Anyone who spends time and energy on one of my favorite beverages is a good friend of mine.

Smartasset looked at data for the 100 largest cities using Yelp ratings, the percent of coffee shops that rank really high, the number of coffee shops in those cities, the number of roasters, and they even look at Google searches!

If you're guessing Seattle as the number one did I. That would be wrong. Their neighbor to the south, Portland, Oregon, has surpassed them in this survey. Seattle is number 2. Followed by:

3. Oakland, California

4. (tie) San Diego, California

4. (tie) New Orleans, Louisiana

6. San Francisco, California

7. San Jose, California

8. Denver, Colorado

9. Austin, Texas

10. Honolulu, Hawaii

Here's what smartasset said about Denver, "You will find that quality coffee comes at a steep price. The city has the fourth-most roasters in our data set and the sixth-most coffee shops which are rated 4.5 stars or above by Yelp."

If you've bought a cappuccino in Denver, you know it isn't cheap. Smartasset says the average cost is just under $4.20.

I'll take a regular black coffee with a little sweetener and cream, thank you.

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