Violent crime is on the rise across Colorado. Colorado used to have a reputation for being a safe state, but that is quickly changing.

Recently, Colorado was kicked out of the top 10 states to live in, and the biggest reason why is safety. Colorado is the 4th most dangerous state in the country, and most of that crime happens in one Colorado city.

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Denver Is Becoming Drastically More Dangerous


WalletHub compiled a new ranking of the Cities with the Biggest Homicide Rate Problems recently, and Denver happens to be one of the most dangerous cities across the country.

Denver has the 11th-highest homicide rate in the nation. For context, Denver was ranked higher than notoriously dangerous cities like New Orleans, New York City, and even Chicago.

More dangerous in Chicago? That alone makes me nervous. Personally, I have not run into any crime in Colorado. I consider myself lucky.

An Example of A Dangerous Area in Denver

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Getty Images

Earlier this year, Empower Field at Mile High was ranked the NFL's most dangerous stadium.

Although the experience inside the stadium is not dangerous, the zip code 80204 is considered more dangerous than where any other NFL team is located.

One Other Colorado City Surprisingly Made the Top 20

colorado springs

Surprisingly, Colorado Springs was also on the list. They ranked 19th. This makes Colorado Springs more dangerous than Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and even the sin city, Las Vegas.

No Other Colorado Cities Were Ranked

WalletHub ranked in the top 40 cities with high homicide rates. Denver and Colorado Springs were the only two Colorado cities to make the ranking.

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