A new annual list by WalletHub ranked the best and worst states to live in. New Mexico was rated the worst, and Massachusetts the best this year.

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Colorado is a fantastic place to live. We are fortunate to call Colorado home, and this study allowed us to see what we are doing well at. And what we need to improve.

Where Did Colorado Rank?


Colorado was rated the 18th best state to live in across the nation. We did well in the different categories. Our economy, education and health, and quality of life rankings were all at #10. 

What Do We Need to Improve in Colorado?

Now it is time for the bad news. Colorado is the 46th safest state in the nation. Here are the factors that went into the ranking. 

Crime Rates

WalletHub analyzed violent and property crime rates and traffic-related deaths and considered law enforcement employees.

Louisiana has the highest rate of crime. 


Additionally, Colorado is the 28th most affordable state in the country. We are in the middle of the pack. Although Colorado is a lot more expensive than we would like, Colorado has stayed at this ranking for quite a few years.

California is the most expensive state in the country. 

Our Neighbors in Wyoming Have Something to Brag About

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Wyoming was rated the 5th best state to live in. Wyoming is the 4th safest state in the nation and the 10th most affordable. 

Top 5 States to Live In

  • 1. Massachusetts 
  • 2. New Jersey
  • 3. New Hampshire
  • 4. New York
  • 5. Wyoming

Top 5 Worst States to Live In

  • 46. Oklahoma
  • 47. Mississippi
  • 48. Louisiana
  • 49. Alaska
  • 50. New Mexico

Take A Look At the Full Ranking

Source: WalletHub

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