Due to the pandemic, Colorado dairy farmers lost two of their biggest markets: restaurants and schools.

However, Colorado dairy farmers are not throwing their milk away, they are donating it to a good cause.

According to the Denver Channel, the Dairy Farmers of America co-op (DFA), Colorado farm families and Meadow Gold Dairy processed over 30,000 gallons of milk for delivery to food banks in Denver, Boulder and Greeley. Of these 30,000 gallons, we can trace much of their distribution to charities and food banks in Northern Colorado.

Over the past few weeks, from late April and into early May, over 28,000 gallons of milk have been donated to Food Bank of the Rockies, Weld Food Bank in Greeley, Community Food Share in Lousiville and the Salvation Army. These organizations, in turn, help feel other food banks across the state.

"I'm really proud to be part of this donation," said John Johnson, a dairy farmer from Eaton to the Denver Channel. "As dairy farmers, we work hard day in and day out to help make food for our local communities, so being able to help others gives this crazy situation a bit of a silver lining."

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