We all get angry at times. There is nothing wrong with feeling a bit of it now and then. It becomes a problem when you can't let go of it. I know too many people who go through life angry at someone or something and it holds them back from enjoying life. It isn't easy to let anger go but it sure feels better.

I think of anger and resentment as anchors that are slowing down your trip through life. When you let go of the anger it is for you, not the other person. It is telling yourself that you are more important than anything someone has said or done to you.

If you really want to cruise through life and go full steam ahead you need to let go of the anchors that are slowing you down. You can get used to them being there and just get used to the weight but you owe it to yourself to see how smooth the ride can be. Let it go today and take care of you.

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