When you eat at a fast food chain, you never really expect the food to be the best nutritional value or lowest in calories, right?

I mean, that's why I don't usually eat fast food because it's not the best for you, but I digress. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Chipotle but when I get literally everything in my burrito bowl like a mound of guacamole and drizzle all that sauce over my food, I realize I'm probably putting close to 1,000 calories or more into my body. I also realize that the people preparing my food probably prepare it differently at various locations and my burrito bowl is never the same amount of calories - that's just how the tortilla chip crumbles.

However, not everyone thinks this way and because of this, they've decided to sue Chipotle for its burritos having too many calories.

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Three customers filed a lawsuit in California last week claiming Chipotle "misrepresented the nutritional value and that consumers were 'lulled into a false belief' that they were eating healthy," reports New York Daily News.

The burrito in question? The Chorizo Burrito, which the customers ordered because of the "supposed health benefits" and only 300 calories it allegedly contained.

Long story short, the Chorizo Burritos they ordered contained more than 300 calories because, as stated by Chipotle, if the burrito is eaten as-pictured in its restaurant the diner would consume over 1,000 calories with cheese, tortilla, rice, beans, and salsa included. The chorizo itself is 300 calories.

The lawsuit encourages anyone else who bought food from a California Chipotle location in the last 4 years to join in as it claims the Colorado-based chain has engaged in unfair business practices.

Chris Arnold, Chipotle spokesman, said in a statement to New York Daily News that while he cannot comment on the lawsuit, the company "work(s) hard to maintain transparency around what is in [its] food, including the nutritional content, which is provided on an ingredient-by-ingredient basis."

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