A combined effort between the Colorado Springs Fire Department and Colorado Parks and Wildlife helped to save the lives of two Great Horned owlets that had fallen from their nest on April 1.

A concerned person called CPW after noticing the babies on the ground in Colorado Springs. Still covered in down feathers, CPW believes the owlets were approximately 15 days old or less.

When CPW arrived on scene, they realized they would need the fire department's ladder truck in order to return the owlets to their nest, which was located at the top of a very tall tree. CPW explained they usually call in a ladder truck to get bears out of trees, not to put birds back in them.

Firefighters Eli Neshiem and Chris Jones were able to safely place the two owlets back in their nest at the top of the tree. They are expected to stay in the nest for another 30 to 35 days, until growing more feathers and muscles that will allow them to fly.

CPW said that the mother owl was in the tree at first, but flew off and was likely watching from a distance. Wildlife officials expected her to return to the nest later in the day.

Wildlife officer, Corey Adler, who responded to the scene of the owlets, explains that if you ever run into owls or birds in this situation, to always call CPW so that they can step in to assist.

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