A mangy coyote running around Colorado isn't really that big of a deal BUT...when that coyote is spotted in a densely populated urban area in a park with lots of kids and family pets around, that IS a big deal and pretty rare, but it happened this past week.

According to The Denver Channel, the coyote was spotted this past week in Washington Park...in the afternoon. Typically, coyotes like to roam at night or even around dusk so seeing one in broad daylight is a pretty rare occurance, especially in such a populated area as coyotes (for the most part) are pretty shy when it comes to being around humans. Or at LEAST so I thought.

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According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, coyotes are fairly common in urban parks but they usually do their roaming at night, except for the mangy ones, they apparently are too uncomfortable to sleep during the day so they roam around and wreak havoc and like to create some chaos to keep us all on our toes.

Just one more reason to ALWAYS keep your pets leashed up as coyotes are known to be pretty territorial so if they see a little pup just running around, that would NOT be a good thing.

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