A Maryland police officer has lost his job, just a few months after he was accused of biting another man's testicles.

Michael Flaig, 31, is on probation for one year after the incident, which happened outside a Baltimore bar on Cinco de Mayo. Flaig was off-duty when the biting occurred.

According to police spokesman Lt. Ryan Frashure, Flaig stopped serving the department as of September 23. Flaig had been on administrative leave, but left the department himself.

Flaig was convicted of public intoxication and endangering the safety of another person. He was not, however, prosecuted on a more serious second-degree assault charge due to a plea deal with the state, avoiding 10 years in prison.

Flaig's lawyer, Peter O'Neill, insists the incident "isn't as clear cut as it would appear."

"From his perspective, he was attempting to defend himself," O'Neill said. "He admitted the behavior he engaged in did result in the disturbance of the peace, but that's all he conceded."

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