CSU Associate Professor Brian McNaughton dealt with a lot stress that pushed him to make a decision that cost him his career and may land him in prison, but he admits none of it was a viable excuse for his action.

In 2015, McNaughton presented CSU with a job offer letter from Tom Hays at University of Minnesota, so they gave him a $5000 pay raise.  Then, they e-mailed Hays, to which his reply was

Quite shocking indeed!  Yes, I can confirm that I did not write, nor sign, an offer letter to Brian McNaughton.

McNaughton says he was under ongoing pressure from his wife to make more money, and that she would often complain that she was the only mom on their street who had to work.  He says he felt he deserved more and that he

gave in to enormous pressures, frustration, and my own ego.

Once the forgery was revealed, he resigned his position of Associate Professor of Chemistry, and is now facing a felony charge of attempting to influence a public servant.


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