It's crazy to think this movie is almost 40 years old.

Happy Valentine's Day! How are you celebrating today? Are you going out to a big fancy dinner or are you staying in with a good romantic movie. Either plan is a great way to spend this holiday. Personally, I think both an early dinner and a movie at home to finish the night sounds perfect.

Speaking of romantic movies, which is your favorite?

I've got a pretty long list of romantic comedies that I could easily turn into a movie marathon that would last all weekend long. If I had to choose just one, I would pick The Princess Bride. It's been a favorite of mine sine I was a kid.

For the state of Colorado however, our favorite movie is quite a throwback. That's according to Google search data collected by a research company called Comparitech. Our favorite move is Sixteen Candles.

Have you seen it? It truly is a teen classic.  Plus, it's from an era when Molly Ringwald was queen.

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