Kids in Colorado, and across the entire world, have enjoyed the stories of Dr. Seuss since 1931. One of his later books has captured the hearts and imagination of Coloradans.

Is it your favorite?

Dr. Seuss is such a part of most everyone's childhood; the rhymes, the fun. His books make learning to read much easier for kids, and their parents.

He wrote of 60 children's books; it's hard to believe that Coloradans can rally around just one.

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Dr. Seuss' first book, in 1931, was "A Pocket Book of Boners;" his last, "Oh, the Places You'll Go," came out in 1990. Neither of those are Colorado's favorite, though, according to, an online learning curriculum.

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Get our free mobile app tracked the most-searched Dr. Seuss titles using Google Trends over the last 20 years to determine each state's favorite. 20 years is a lot of data, it has to be legit, it must fit.

What is Wyoming's Favorite Dr. Seuss Book?

The Cowboy State is one of only three states that searched out "Horton Hears a Who," which seems surprising, as it was made into a movie in 2008.

Colorado's favorite has not yet been made into a full-fledged film, though a horror-themed short using the title, was released in 2012. What kind of person would do that, maybe a rat?

What is Colorado's Favorite Dr. Seuss Book?

Written in 1974, Colorado's most-searched Dr. Seuss title is "There's a Wocket in My Pocket!" Colorado joins Hawaii and Kentucky in liking that book over all other Dr. Seuss reads, isn't that neat?

There's a Wocket in My Pocket!

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