I don't know about you but when I'm enjoying a night, whether it be out on the town with friends or simply at home with the wife and having a few people over, my drink of choice varies.

For instance, at home, I prefer Tito's and cranberry or a Jack on the rocks when I'm just hanging out at the house. But when I go out, I usually stick to beer because of two reasons:

  1. We live in the beer capital of the world (in my humble opinion)
  2. It's cheaper and I am pretty cheap.

Just being honest here.

Now before we get to our own Facebook study that we conducted when we discussed this on my morning show recently, there was a national study done by tasteatlas.com where they revealed the top 10 alcoholic drinks of choice in America.

The results look like this:

10. Mai Tai

9. Moscow Mule

8. Jack Daniel's

7. Sex on the Beach

6. Cosmopolitan

5. Tequila Sunrise

4. Pina Colada

3. Bloody Mary

2. Old-Fashioned

1. Bourbon

We recently opened this discussion on the air and posed this as our question of the day on Facebook and came up with some good answers to what Coloradans' favorite alcoholic drink is when they hit the town.

The results were much different, outside of Anna Marie's choice of an Old-Fashioned which came in at number two on the national scale. We have a lot of beer drinkers in Colorado, and seeing that we have some of the greatest beers in the world, that's no surprise.

When it comes to us, my morning show partner Maxx is all about the wine. The fancier the better for her because that's just how she rolls. For me, as I said, I've got a couple of go to's but if I'm only picking one, I'm going with Jack Daniels, on the rocks.

So whatever your drink of choice, be wise and don't drink and drive.


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