We've got a few abandoned missile silo sites in Northern Colorado, created in the mid-century era. One of them, the Titan 1 near Denver, has become a hot spot for urban daredevils. Check out the footage below for yourself. 

Central Press/Getty Images
Central Press/Getty Images

Admittedly, I'm obsessed with this period of American history, and how its ghostly presence still eerily exists in our region of the country. However, I could never go inside on of these myself, so I enjoy seeing what's down there vicariously, of course. The fear of potential vermin, mold, radon, asbestos or contracting Tetanus down there completely depletes any thought of seeing this firsthand. Oh, and getting arrested, too.

...In the middle of this rural area is an abandoned Titan 1 missile silo...There's one up near Greeley that is preserved and can be toured, there's another north of Fort Collins that is owned by a data storage company. For the most part they are kept under lock and key, buried and welded shut. But the Deer Trail silo is pretty accessible - if you can your car parked in a location that won't lead cops or residents to think you're UrbExing nearby, and if you can make it to the silo and down into the pit without your flashlights being seen or without tripping and breaking your g**damn leg, you're golden. (source:Boomerjinx Bf2s Forums)

You can also see some really cool photos courtesy Boomerjinx at Bf2s Forums, but we do not recommend or condone trespassing into the silo. It is illegal, dangerous and potentially deadly. Watching this video, however, is legal and not dangerous or deadly.

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