Just because you have a pollution problem doesn't necessarily mean you're a bad company. Some of the most respected companies and entities in Larimer County are the top polluters.

The Fort Collins Coloradoan took data from the Environmental Protection Agency's greenhouse gas inventory, which collects emissions data from large facilities annually, and also asked each entity what they're doing to cut down on their emissions. All have plans in place to reduce emissions.

Top 5 polluters in Larimer County:

5.  Colorado State University -  The state's largest university source of greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Anheuser-Busch Brewery - It is the only brewery in Colorado on the EPA's list of big emitters.

3. Larimer County Landfill - Larimer County's garbage is a major polluter because waste emits carbon dioxide and methane as it decomposes.

2. Broadcom Limited - The chip-manufacturing process uses lots of chemicals to create the chips.The leftover greenhouse gases often become emissions.

1. Rawhide Energy Station - More than 99 percent of Rawhide's emissions are carbon dioxide. The remainder is made up of methane and nitrous oxide.

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