Sometimes, the biggest kept secrets come to light without you even going out of your way to search for them.

In this case, an innocent DNA test - one that is easily accessible and is casually taken by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide - just revealed a decades-old secret that has since left a Northern Colorado family searching for answers... the first one being -


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Susan Crowder, a resident of Longmont, CO recently spoke to 9News about the bombshell of a secret her family just uncovered and now has to live with, knowingly, for the rest of their lives.

A Brief Background

Plenty of women have a hard time conceiving children; in many cases, couples who are looking to have a child and might need assistance will often seek out a fertility doctor.

That's what Susan Crowder and her husband had done decades ago - the couple went to see, and ultimately stuck with Marvin Yussman, a fertility doctor based in Louisville, KY.

While Yussman had seemingly given the couple exactly what they wanted - which was a family - the reward of bearing children unknowingly came at a dark, twisted cost for Crowder... a cost she has only recently started to, knowingly, pay.

Uncovering The Truth

Crowder's daughter recently decided to take a deep dive into her life by reaching out for information via, a company that generates an in-depth family tree using the world's largest collection of online family history records.

It was upon receiving the results of the DNA test she submitted via that a shocking, life-altering truth rose to the surface - that truth being that Susan Crowder's fertility doctor, Marvin Yussman, is the biological father of her daughter. 

"This isn't how this was supposed to go," Crowder told 9News.

So, how did this happen? 

9News says Yussman told Crowder that he would use a medical student as her sperm donor, but DNA results suggest otherwise; they suggest that Yussman, himself, acted as Crowder's sperm donor - something Crowder certainly never gave him permission to do.

"I try not to think about it too much because it just gives me the creeps," she said. "I never got to give my consent to my doctor being my donor."

Yussman Confesses To Inseminating His Patients

In a letter filed with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure and provided by Crowder's lawyer, Yussman - as per 9News - said,

"On very rare occasions when the donor did not show and no frozen specimen was available, I used my own sperm if I otherwise would have been an appropriate donor: appropriate blood type, race, physical characteristics."


"My recollection is that such circumstances occurred only about a half dozen times in the many years of the program."


Fighting Back 

Now that she's uncovered the truth, Susan Crowder is seeking out justice - and rightfully so.

Unfortunately, at this time, not much justice has been served.

9News says that, in Kentucky. Crowder filed complaints with the University of Louisville - Yussman's former employer and even wrote the state medical board before turning to the state legislature.

There, Crowder passionately lobbied in an effort to change state law, in particular, to make it illegal for other doctors to use their own sperm to impregnate women.

"We're victims of deceit and really just immoral behavior, Crowder said, according to 9News. 

"The deceit is really hard. There’s nothing worse than someone lying to you."

Crowder's attorney, Amy Wheatley, told 9News that she filed a second lawsuit against Yussman last week on behalf of a different woman.

"In fact, he artificially inseminated this woman twice so both of her children are his biological children," Wheatley said.

Hospital Officials React

The University of Louisville Health hospital system released the following statement to 9News in regards to this story coming to light:

“UofL Hospital is sympathetic to those who have been impacted by recent news of these events and respects the wide range of emotions the patient and her children may feel.

In 1975, the fertility clinic was an independent clinic not associated with, or part of UofL Hospital. Marvin Yussman is no longer a physician with our organization. The medical practices the Plaintiff alleges are not procedures that UofL Hospital would condone.”


Crowder's lawyer says that she believes there are other women who don't know Yussman fathered their children.

Not only that, Crowder's been able to confirm that her daughter (whose name has not been disclosed) has 10 half-siblings.

"This isn't what doctors are supposed to do," Crowder told 9News.

"You trust in them and it was wrong,"

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