Authorities were on the scene after a Colorado woman coaxed a bobcat into her car with a fish sandwich.

This event unfolded last Friday morning. According to KOAA 5, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers responded to a bobcat locked in a car parked at a shopping mall in Pueblo. The lady didn't even know what she had until she posted a video on Facebook. Until that time, she thought it was a kitten. Check out her original Facebook post:

Ummm yeah a I found a kitten in the hood of car this morning. I stayed all morning and finally was able to coax it out with a fish sandwich. Now I have it in my car, but all the vet offices are full and can't see me. As I hang with this guy I am not sure it's a kitty kitty. Like house kitty. Umm, what do i do?

I can do this lady one better. About 30 years ago, my mom lured a dog into her car with a Twinkie. My mom, a staunch animal lover, spotted a stray dog being tormented by kids on the playground at the casino in Cortez, Colorado. After chasing off the kids, my mom, a Twinkie fanatic, used one of the cream-filled spongy treats to enticed the dog to get in the car. She then brought it back to Grand Junction where it lived a long, happy life.

Thank you to this lady for making an effort to help this animal, regardless of whether it was a common household kitty or a bobcat.

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