Whether you're exploring the High Country or traveling through the Eastern Plains, you're bound to spot wildlife in Colorado.

The Centennial State has no shortage of stunning fauna, from large moose to tiny salamanders.

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Let's go big. Last year, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) released their 2020 Status Report: Big Game Winter Range and Migration Corridors, which looked at the current state of Colorado's big game wildlife.

READ: 2020 CPW Report Reveals Current State of Colorado's Big Game Wildlife

At the time, our state housed around 433,000 mule deer, 287,000 elk, 79,000 pronghorn, 6,940 bighorn sheep, and 3,240 moose.

Now, let's go small. Colorado is also home to over 50 different species of butterflies, 29 species of snakes, and, according to the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, one species of salamander.

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But that's not all. Uncover Colorado reports that bears, otters, bison, mountain lions, beavers, hawks, eagles, and wild horses are all other animals you can find in the Centennial State.

Plus, in June of this year, wildlife officials confirmed sightings of Colorado's first wild wolf pups since the 1940s — a spectacle made possible by the passing of Proposition 114, which requires the reintroduction of gray wolves to our state by December 31, 2023.

READ: Officials Confirm Colorado's First Wild Wolf Pups Since the 1940s

So, who was there to capture all of Colorado's stunning wildlife in 2021? You. We asked you to send us your best wildlife photos from this year — boy, did you deliver.

From moose to bighorn sheep to chipmunks and more, check out 25 of your best Colorado wildlife photos from 2021:

Colorado Wildlife: 25 Amazing Wildlife Photos You Captured in 2021

The Centennial State has no shortage of stunning wildlife, from moose to elk to otters and more. We asked you to send in the wildlife pictures you took this year. Read on to see your best Colorado wildlife photos from 2021.

Colorado's Wild Big Game Populations


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