Who doesn't love a good coupon? Coupons have drastically changed over the years. Most coupons are located on an app these days, but whenever I think about coupons I think about one of my aunts.

She used to spend countless hours going through coupons with a pair of scissors.

She would slice and dice up her mail and stick it into a neatly organized binder that was sectioned by store and product. My brother and I used to make fun of her for it.

My aunt would then head to the stores and get wild discounts. She knew the policies and would often buy $500 worth of goods for under ten bucks. It was incredibly fascinating to watch. My aunt took advantage of coupons and many Americans do.

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Those days are becoming more and more limited. Especially in Colorado.

Colorado Walmart Locations Changing Policies

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Walmart has noticed that customers have been abusing their coupons and are buckling down. Walmart has officially changed some of its coupon policies.

Walmart has decided to no longer allow overage coupons. This means that shoppers were given back cash if their coupon exceeded the item price.

Not only were customers getting free items, but they were also receiving money from Walmart. It was a way for customers to cheat the system.

Identical Coupons? Not Anymore


Many customers have been using the same coupons over and over again. Walmart will no longer allow customers to use four of the same coupons for one day. We are assuming these are most typically physical coupons.

Additionally, according to Coupons in the News, when a coupon is not scannable or working you will not be able to ask the cashier to override the process. If it does not work, your coupon will not be used in any way, shape, or form.

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