Imagine leaving your house one morning and then coming home to find something missing. We're not talking about your kid's bike not being there or maybe a Christmas decoration vanishing. We're talking about an entire tree.

That is exactly what happened to one Colorado family. The tree in the front yard randomly disappeared last week. It's not just that the tree was chopped down, the entire tree disappeared from the Arvada, Colorado, home.

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I spoke with Mavianne Gideon, the owner of the home, on Facebook and nearly a week later, she is still looking for answers. Gideon says that she hasn't heard anything about the disappearance of the tree and numerous people from the community have contacted her regarding a possible tree scam.

The news of the missing tree is so perplexing that 9News ran a story about the tree. We know that it did not disappear out of thin air as Gideon's neighbors have footage of a truck in front of her home the day the tree went missing from the yard.

Gideon was kind enough to send us a photo of the damage caused by the removal of the tree.

Mavianne Gideon Facebook
Mavianne Gideon Facebook

In 2023, a couple was indicted on 50 counts of a tree-trimming scam that took place in numerous Denver Metro area counties according to 9News. The couple generally targeted elderly homeowners. When the homeowners paid by cash or check, one of the suspects would cash the check at the homeowner's bank while her husband would cut a few branches. She would then come and pick her husband up and leave without finishing the job and never return.

However, this does not seem like what has happened at Gideon's home. We're not sure what happened to the case of the missing tree in Arvada, but we hope that the homeowners get closure on what did occur in their front yard that day.

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