You have probably seen the "Whatever" commercials from Bud Light over and over since last year's Super Bowl ad when Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in a spot playing ping-pong with Don Cheadle. Along those same lines, Bud Light is now turning a whole town into what they are calling "Whatever, USA." That town happens to be in Colorado! 

Crested Butte has been offered $250,000 to fence off its main street and bring in more than 1,000 revelers for the Sept. 5-7 event. Various events (which the brand won't reveal) will also be filmed. The only thing we know for now is that there will be a salad bar, lots of "amazing things," and hopefully, a lot of beer.

Supporters and opponents packed a town meeting Monday night (August 25th) to talk about it. Some said they backed it as a way to make money for the town but others worried joining forces with a large company would damage the image of a town that hosts an annual film festival and is more partial to craft beers.

To enter for your chance to attend you have to submit a 10 second video to Bud Light. 

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