When you travel across the country you will find different styles of hot dogs. Does Colorado have a specific style?

Cities like Chicago, New York City, and Michigan famously have their own styles that are also famous across the country.

Most Coloradans typically enjoy hot dogs from different regions, however many of us did not know that we have our own style.

Unique Hot Dogs in Colorado


Before we unveil the hot dog that we are most known for, it is important to give a shoutout to Biker Jim's. Biker Jim's in Denver has consistently made national headlines due to the unique types of hot dogs that they sell.

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Biker Jim's most famously has an ostrich hot dog. Some may call the hot dog outrageous, but honestly, they are very good. Their elk dog is also famous.

Colorado's Most Famous Hot Dog

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, yes that is a real organization, has a list of the most famous regional hot dogs. I was surprised to see that Colorado was on the list. Maybe I just have not been paying attention.

The Rockie Dog is officially Colorado's regional hot dog. You most likely have had this hot dog while enjoying a Rockies game in person. The hot dog comes with grilled peppers, onions, and kraut. Plus the hot dog is a food long.

To be honest, the hot dog is a little too simple for me to be considered a regional hot dog. I feel like there should be a requirement for green chiles to be a topping.

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